Prevent the pole top for environmental and external damage after installation

Avoid  Dramatic Moisture Changes
The ProTop can be used alone or in conjunction with the Star-Lock for maximum pole top protection. The prime function of the ProTop is to reduce moisture change extremes in the center of the pole tops. These moisture changes result in checks that develop as wood shrink and expands. 

Prevent Decay & Reduce Temperature Extremes
An equally important function of the ProTop is the prevention of bird roosting and damaging bird droppings on the wood pole top. The ProTop also prevents other foreign matter such as dirt, seeds and miscellaneous debris from accumulating on the end grain wood of the pole top and contributing to rot formation.  The ProTop is molded from black ABS
(acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic at 3/32’’ for all dimensions. The black ABS will reduce heat extremes and provide UV protection for the pole top. The low cost of the Star-Lock and ProTop relative to the major capital investment in a wood pole plant makes usage on every pole a cost effective, smart decision.